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What this is:

Baltimore’s first and very own premier escape room experience.

Escape 45 is a locally owned escape room
business started by University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins students! What is
an escape room you ask? Simply put, it is an adventure. It is a real-life
escape from the monotony of daily life. Whether you come with your
friends, family, co-workers or even a group of strangers – what is guaranteed
is that you will have a great time.

Escape 45 is an entertainment venue that caters
to both private and corporate clientele. We offer 45-minute experiences for
groups of 2-8, and while the objective is overwhelmingly simple (i.e. to
escape), completing it is not! Our rooms are full of puzzles, riddles, locks,
and mechanisms. Escaping them will not be an easy endeavor.

Our initial rooms are “The Lighthouse” , “The
Jewel Heist”, and “Sully’s Haunted Cabin”, which vary drastically in their setting.

How did we do this:

It all started with an impromptu roadtrip to New York City. This is where we came across our first ever escape room – and immediately fell in love with the idea. Since then, we have explored dozens of other rooms in cities across the USA. When we realized there were no rooms in our own Charm City – we knew this was a situation we had to rectify.

Milestones and Achievements: 

  • Sold
  • Two years of operation
  • Served over 40,000 clients
  • Served numerous corporations for team building experiences: Dish Network, Bank of America, Under Armour, and etc.
  • Designed all the rooms and puzzles on our own with no third party vendors
  • First Escaperoom in the DMV area to include automation in the puzzles

Who’s on the Team:

Escape 45 was founded by Fahed Masood, Asad Masood, Ashraf Afzal, and Dylan Kapoor.

PR and Media Links:

Terps Magazine:
Baltimore Magazine:
The DiamondBack:

You can find out more here on our website:

Or on our Facebook page:


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